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About us:

Clothes are the Art we live everyday. We Customise Couture for you.

Wedding Couture and Smart Casuals: Ochre Sky are your online designers. Send us a MESSAGE or call/whatsapp us on 09899702526/08826747455 to discuss your dream outfit.

Step inside the world of OchreSky

It’s the season of love, new beginnings and a lifetime bond.

Ochre sky wedding couture

There is nothing more romantic than a wedding. Our job is to create dreams. We tout ourselves as a customized couture brand and create what is aspirational for the bride. We help you navigate a maze of choices, so your nights never fall short of being stylish and being yourself. 

Meet us and Share your dream outfit.

We welcome you to become an Ochre Sky Bride. It’s OchreSky’s ode to the OchreSky Bride and Groom.

Ochre Sky. Inspired by nature.

We are Rohit and Natasha. Ochre Sky garments are all about details,colour,threads, hints, whispers, elegance and inner beauty, the poetry in images and life.

We are here to make really good honest clothes. We believe in the communities that the internet allows us to create.Clothes liberate, decorate, underline, embolden...they are an expression of our inner selves.

We love our clothes. Unabashedly. So do you. Together we can make magic. Weave dreams.  

Mobile: 09899702526 / 88267474565 / 7503281437